Version 0.7.9

I have now added the ability to add third-party assembler routines to a project.  At present only the Spectrum build supports this but if there is interest for other formats I will add it.  Specifically, users were asking to be able to incorporate Beepola tunes.  Now it is as easy as outputting a Beepola .ASM file, removing the first ORG line from the top and telling MPAGD you wish to incorporate the file in the build.  After that, a quick USER instruction in an event script will play the tune.  An example user routine has also been added in the UserRoutines directory.

AGD's adventure mode is now supported in the Spectrum and CPC builds.  To use it you will need to modify the  BUILD.BAT (and EXPORT.BAT on the Spectrum) file in the relevant Suite subdirectory and add the option -A to the end of the line that compiles the code.  On the CPC this means changing AGD %1 to read AGD %1 -A.  On the Spectrum the line should be changed from CompilerZX %1 to CompilerZX %1 -A.

One or two bugs may have been fixed along the way.

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May 10, 2020

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