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Things have moved on since the last update so I felt it was time for another development log post.

The most exciting new development in that time is the creation of a compiler and engine for the MSX, thanks to Jose Luis Tursan.  We've also added some MSX editors to MPAGD so you'll soon be able to create games for the 3 major Z80 formats.  It has been fun playing Diamond Geezer on the MSX.

The Spectrum now has a debug build option for 128K machines.  It can be invoked by adding a -d switch to the compilerzx line in your build batch file.  With debug enabled you will be able to BREAK the game's main loop and see the global variables, step through the sprites and see their parameters, toggle between the debug and game screen and step through a game one frame at a time.

The editors now boast extra functionality too.  Screen files can be imported and it is possible to grab sprites from it to use in a game.  The screen editor allows a screen layout to be scrolled around with the cursors, very handy if you've drawn your screen in the wrong place and wish to move it.  Resizing the main play area window will no longer clear all your screen data and will keep it intact wherever possible, clipping the bottom and right edges if you wish to reduce its size or filling expanded areas with empty space.  It will also move any sprite positions around accordingly.

The blocks editor now has an invert option for all machines except the Amstrad CPC.

And of course there are little bug fixes and other changes I've probably forgotten.

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