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Great job and great tool to start creating video games. 

Thank you for your effort.

8 bits forever...!!!

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Hi Jon, is there any way we can use 32x32 or 16X32 sprites in MPAGD?

There is a version of AGD called maxi where this is possible?

Thank You for all your work in the speccy sceen!

AGD supports 16x16 or 16x24 sprites.  For anything else you'll need to use more than one sprite whether in AGD or MPAGD

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The best

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Does this have support for Texas Instruments TI-99 4A?

Not at present although it would be perfectly suited to that machine.  We'd need a volunteer to convert the compiler (relatively straightforward) and engine (requiring a TI-99/4A expert).  I'm always happy to help if anyone wishes to step forward.

nice tool jonathan , wild castle have a new version


Thank you for your work! I tried to use it on MacOs (with Wine Emulator for windows) but crash it when I export the game or file; Do You have planned to develop this on MacOs??



No plans at present.  Unfortunately it has to use a lot of Windows system calls

Thanks!!!! And again, great work!!!!

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