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Hey. This does seem like a great tool, but will there be a native Linux build or do I have to run this on the Wine compatibility layer?


Hi, is there a written english manual somewhere?


Yes, there is a comprehensive manual in the download.

This is really a superb tool and engine, really love using it. 
either a feature request or a how do you do.



things like that, in the same way devpac would them replace them in code during a pass


instead of having to replace 20 in several places if I want to change MAXBULLET

They don’t use up any variables this way.

again superb engine thank you.

Nice engine. Thank you for your great tool.

Great job and great tool to start creating video games. 

Thank you for your effort.

8 bits forever...!!!

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Hi Jon, is there any way we can use 32x32 or 16X32 sprites in MPAGD?

There is a version of AGD called maxi where this is possible?

Thank You for all your work in the speccy sceen!

AGD supports 16x16 or 16x24 sprites.  For anything else you'll need to use more than one sprite whether in AGD or MPAGD

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The best

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Does this have support for Texas Instruments TI-99 4A?

Not at present although it would be perfectly suited to that machine.  We'd need a volunteer to convert the compiler (relatively straightforward) and engine (requiring a TI-99/4A expert).  I'm always happy to help if anyone wishes to step forward.

nice tool jonathan , wild castle have a new version


Thank you for your work! I tried to use it on MacOs (with Wine Emulator for windows) but crash it when I export the game or file; Do You have planned to develop this on MacOs??



No plans at present.  Unfortunately it has to use a lot of Windows system calls

Thanks!!!! And again, great work!!!!

Are you going to add another import Sprite option?  Using the no longer updated and more concerningly prohibitive access to SevenuP utility is the only current option other than drawing each sprite (again) . Cheers.


A while ago I was thinking about adding an import/export option via a SCREEN$ file if that would be useful?


That would be very useful, yes! :)


It would be EXTREMELY Useful


Cool. Are C64, Atari 8-bit, and Apple II possible in the future?


Yes, if we can find experts on their machine who are willing to convert the engine and compiler.  Help and advice is not far away, the engine is fully annotated and the compiler is written in C so only requires a few simple changes.


Very well done!

Is there a list of games made with AGD?

Not aware of one, there are too many.  Probably around 300 games authored with the various versions but I lost track a long time ago


Hi there, does this work on any version of Windows or does it need a specific version? Thanks. 

No specific version in mind; just download it, make sure you don't have spaces in the path and you should be good to go

Hi Jonathan,

Any plans to do a ZX Spectrum Next version in the future?

I have a Next engine and compiler but it's based on the TC2048 versions.  Hoping to add Next sprites at the very least before releasing it and maybe adding more functionality later.  Until then you could use the 8x1 attribute mode of the Timex to create more colourful games for the Next and other machines that support that mode

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Wonderful news Jonathan!! Might be worth letting Chris Wilkins know - Or in fact I could for an up-and-coming Crash whether be it the new bi-monthly magazine or the Annual!  Thank you!


For anyone new to the wonders of MPAGD, I've been writing a Beginners Guide Blog as well as some more advanced tutorials here:

MPAGD Beginners Guide

MPAGD Advanced Tutorials


These are excellent tutorials!

cool. I'm interested in learning coding for spectrum. Would u consider doing like a game that teaches spectrum  coding in a fun environment. I have just bought the platform game designer and the space version enjoying it too. 


Is there a way to get the homebrew made with this onto real tape to run on real hardware?

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I tried this in Wine (an app that lets Mac and Linux users run Windows apps without Windows installed) and it seemed to work but crashed on building the test project

I’d love to be able to use this. Want me to be your Wine tester? I’ll help you find the incompatibilities

The build process uses a batch file in the relevant subdirectory, eg Suite ZX.  There's a build.bat file with a load of DOS commands to build and run the game in an emulator so by playing with that you could see how far it gets before it crashes


Thanks a bunch for this! Hoping for C64 in the future?

that would be amazing

this looks so cool. I’m gonna see about making a game in this application 

Sorry to bother you with requests but an easy way to import some format of AY music would be a godsend if possible?  (the asm way of doing it is too hard for some of us)

There's a tool to do it for you, it's called MPAGD Musicizer.  I don't have a link but do a quick web search for it

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It's difficult to say.  We need an experienced C64 developer to convert the engine and compiler from an existing 6502 machine

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Hello, great job!
I have a small error, I am doing a test and when loading the TAP in the emulator, the screen goes black. I have not found anything in the forums.

If you post on the forums and describe the problem in more detail maybe someone will have encountered the problem before.  The first thing you should probably check is that you haven't included any spaces in the path.  But this isn't really the place for this discussion  :)

Does this program also support blueMSX? If so, is there a way to set it up as a emulator for MSX projects?

The build process for each machine is configurable, you simply need to edit a batch file to fire up a specific emulator

How do it edit the batch file?
Do I simply replace "openMSX" with the other one (like for example "blueMSX")?

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interesting , anyone can make a zx spectrum version for my game?

Anyone can use this tool, it's simple and flexible

Made some tests for output on the COCO. Used mono for I have been working artifact colors for quite a while, it works just perfect. Well done!
If you happen to have the AGD boot screen in full color, send it to me I will artifact it. I will be looking deeper into the system. Thank you and congratulations. Check my games and let me know if you want any of them, I will send a key to you.

very good

Thank you for this!

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Thank you and all colaborators for making MPAGD. Finaly I find time to start making something on it, and I'm lonving:

Thank you, thank you, very thank you.

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Jonathon Cauldwell you are awesome. I owned my first speccy in 1986 at 4 years old and ever since then wanted to program games for it but never gotten around to it... Until 2 months ago when I found a copy of your amazing book how to write Z spectrum games v1.1. this taught me enough to really get started, but now I find this incredible looking software which I will start using and enjoying immediately. Thanks so much

Just wanted to say 'thank you' again for this awesome software!




so im having a bit of a problem here. when i got to export the game i click yes to the boxes. and then in the console window, it just says that there where a bunch of error and i cant export it into a bin file there either. so i cant play it in fuse..

ps: i followed the tutorial btw...


It won't export if there are errors in compilation.  Take a look on the AGD forums and see if the errors you're getting have been reported before, it's probably something simple.  If not, create a new post and we'll try to help


I'm wondering how its going with the C64 version? I just love this program/tool. :D

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i'm trying to run it on Wine as well (GNU/Linux operating system, Ubuntu distribution) - the editor window appears blank - are there any plans to have it native on GNU/Linux, OSX, and other operating systems? or is anyone here skilled enough for helping us on that?


The editor program uses a lot of Windows functions so would need separate include files for Windows and Linux, it's currently just one solid block of twenty-odd thousand lines of C (yes, I know...)  The compilers don't use any Windows calls if I remember correctly so they should be straightforward enough.  The other thing is that the project is ongoing so we'd need someone to commit to the project to convert any future Windows calls that are included.  As ever, I'm always happy to co-operate if someone wants to help

Any chance to provide a 64bit version. I am trying to run it on Mac (via Wine) and for Catalina only wine64 will work. Thanks!


"Mac" you mean MacOS-X (or OSX), isn't it?

Yes, MacOS.

I'll do a 64-bit build soon, probably for the next release

Hi am I doing something wrong as followed tutorial one and got this. It loads speech 4.8 not fuse so not sure help needed please 


Since the tutorials were made I've added Kees van Oss' build suites so you're probably better pressing F5 to test rather than following the videos to the letter.  The tool should build and run your game automatically now so try that and see if that works

Hi Jonathan,

Fantastic piece of software and an even better tutorial.  However, I seem to be having the same issue, where, after building the project I encounter the emulator starting up and then simply resetting.  Do you think you could reply with simple, bullet-point steps for the exporting process, please?

many thanks,


Try downloading version 0.7.8 and see if that fixes the problem.  If the emulator is still coming up and then exiting then there might be a problem with that emulator.  However, I've just added an option to export .tap files so you should at least be able to select File->Export game to create a file that should run on another emulator

Hi Jonathan,

It's me, the guy from Facebook who commented on your post yesterday.  I haven't got around to testing the new version yet, but should do within the next few days.  I'll let you know the outcome.

Many thanks,


Hello Jonathan, first of all, thank you for this amazing project, is a very useful tool for people to make their own games. I would like to ask you, can I make the sprites or 32y x 16x  size? thank you.

Hi Toniman, thanks for your comment.  You can use 2 16x16 sprites together to make a 16x32 sprite.  There is a way of doing this without tearing that I won't go into here but I think it was discussed over at the forums.  If you can't find the topic, just start a new one

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