AGD 4.8

After 4.7 was released in 2017 a few more bugs came to light and these were fixed in the source code.  I also had an idea to release a cassette version 5.0 with further improvements.  When it became clear that MPAGD was a better way forward I stopped development work on AGD 4.7 and the source was left languishing on my old development laptop.

I've now released this under-development version as 4.8, completely untested.  It may or may not work but do let me know how you get on at the AGD forums and report any problems.  You never know, I may get around to fixing them.  Meanwhile, version 4.7 is still included in the zipfile should 4.8 prove to be too unstable.  Documentation is also included in the form of a 19-page instruction manual.

One feature added to this engine is vertical sprite clipping, a la MPAGD.  That is to say, sprites are clipped when they start to move off the very top or bottom of the screen and move on or off gradually, pixel by pixel instead of just disappearing completely.  Move your play window to the top edge of the screen and you can now have items fall smoothly on to the play area.

Note that due to some engine changes version 4.8 is inevitably incompatible with previous versions.  Any games written with version 4.7 or earlier cannot be loaded into version 4.8.  If you are looking to upgrade a game written with versions 4.0 to 4.7, consider using MPAGD or AGDX instead.

Have fun!


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Feb 16, 2019

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