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Really a great tool...!!! :-)

Sir, a few months back you mentioned AGDv5. Is that project still continuing ? Kind Regards. 

Yes, it is still in development

One Last Thing How Do you add music to your game

One last thing how do you add a main menu To your game


AGD has a CONTROLMENU command that waits for the player to press 1, 2 or 3 and sets the controls to keyboard, Kempston or Sinclair joystick accordingly

Ok. But When I Test Game I Want The Game To Have A menu Like This:  

A Name then i want it to say Like press any button to continue

You should display the text on screen yourself using messages.  There's also a WAITKEY command that will just wait for a keypress and won't set the controls

One Last Thing How Do You add music to your game?

There is a program to do that, there should be some posts about it at the AGD forums.

where is the control menu

How do you add sound

the BEEP command creates beeper effects.  It should all be explained in the AGD documentation

Hey jonathan I have a question

When i die on the second level or higher It makes my screen stuck and i have to test the game again so can you tell me how to fix it  please i really want to complete creating my game

Briefly, check that you have put a player sprite in your preferred re-spawn position on every screen on which the player might die.  If that doesn't work, post on the AGD forums with a little more detail

is there a way to export an executable file?

Yes, there's an option to create a .TAP file

what's a .TAP

It's a file that when loaded into an emulator loads and runs the game.  If you wish to play a game on a Spectrum emulator you usually load .TZX or .TAP files

Hello Jonathan. The AY sound don't work, i try it with spectrum standard and SOUND 1. Why?

Just use the beeper effects and have some nice AY music, that's what most users do

yes, but in the case of wanting to use ay sounds, for example for amstrad.

Is it possible to use your new ROM in an emulator like Spectaculator?


Tested the ROM with my fairly new ZX Spectrum ROM Cartridge hardware, no issues :)

Last year I became fascinated with the failed ZX ROM cartridge format Sinclair released in 1983/4. I first released 'ZX-ECUTOR'  interface to allow the cartridges to run on the SAM Coupe, then followed up releasing a flash memory cartridge which can store 16 ZX ROM cartridge images / system ROMS (such as your new AGD ROM) and a modern Interface 2 style interface to use cartridges on all ZX Spectrum models: 16k,48k,+,128,+2,+3,+2A/B and the new ZX Spectrum Next.

Info/Ordering: :

New ZX ROM Cartridge hardware from Quazar
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Excellent, thank you for letting me know!  The 16 bank ROM card looks like a handy piece of kit, maybe I'll have to write more stuff for the ROM.  Meanwhile I'll give your website a link from mine


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Hello there! Need to test that! I’ve unified all my projects and the Spanish Turorials are now here sorry for any inconvenience!

Hey there! Is there a PDF documentation for scripts and editor help?


There's a manual in the Docs subdirectory.  The first section explains how to use the editors and the second is a language reference manual complete with examples of how to use each instruction

Thank You so much, Jonathan! I found it!

Hi Jonathan, sorry this is a little off-topic, but do you still provide any support for S.E.U.D? I'm looking for help with outputting sound. Thanks.

It might be best to talk to Sebastian Braunert and the guys behind Pi-dentity, I think they hacked the tool to get around some sound issues

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I have downloaded this on the word of another. Tried to load but seem to not know how with the emulators. Is there a guide in english somewhere as could only see the german one

There should be a Word document in the zipfile, AGD48.doc

Any way to import my AGD 3.0 game into the newest version 4.7? I'd hate to redo the game from scratch.

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There aren't many 3.0 users left, one or two here and there.  Someone (I forget who) was writing a space-themed platformer with version 3 last year.  To answer your question, not that I know of as version 4.7 is a significant improvement on 3.0 with many improvements so all the addresses are different.  If memory serves, 3.4 was the latest version that would work with 3.0 games.  The multi-platform Windows editor MPAGD can extract data from versions 4.0 to 4.7 but nothing earlier as things stand.  I'll have to see if I can find the source for version 3 - think there may be a backup copy somewhere - then I can figure out if MPAGD could import those games.  Meanwhile, you could try asking Allan Turvey on the AGDX Facebook group (Highrise on the AGD forums) if he has any suggestions as he's done some work on extracting data and I'd be happy to assist him if required.  Let me know how you get on

Can you also give the link to Spectrum emulator ?

Thanks Anyways :-)


I use online and I think it's fantastic. Snaps/save/load supported, just switch it to 128 and drag&drop the TAP there and you're all set up!