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The 2003 minigame competition saw an impressive array of titles (63 in fact) written for a variety of 8-bit computers, the challenge being to create a game in under 4K of code.  This was my entry, an amusement park management strategy game for the ZX Spectrum.  The idea behind Amusement Park 4000 will be familiar to anyone who has played games like Theme Park or Rollercoaster Tycoon: purchase rides and scenery, design your park, set your entry price and choose how much to spend on research and development.

Clearly, 4K is not a lot of room with which any game developer can play so the graphics and sound are simple and there's little in the way of text.  Nevertheless, this is a working amusement park simulation and it eventually took the silver joystick in the competition.

Instructions are included in the accompanying text file, which is best viewed in Notepad.  If you enjoy this game, an expanded version is available on cassette from Cronosoft featuring a larger park area, more rides, shops, pubs, misbehaving guests and more.

You'll need a 48K/128K Spectrum or an emulator to play Amusement Park 4000.  Have fun!


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This game is a massive achievement on the ZX Spectrum! If you liked Theme Park, you'll love this one too. It's incredible how this game uses all the very limited power of this ancient computer to create a unique strategy game. I was constantly amazed by the many details this game has to offer: There will happen crazy things in your park (like gokarts running wild in the park and ramming other visitors!). An incredibly well done game for many hours of fun and pleasure. It works perfectly with ZXSpin.

This looks so cool and relaxing, downloading now!