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I am planning to create games for not just the ZX Spectrum, but also the Commodore 64. I would love to see a game made through AGD for that system (considering you have the Acorn Atom, a 6502 based system, supported), it would be a great addition to the C64 community for both people who are introduced to the world of retro gaming, and experienced C64 programmers.

Does this support NES files?

Not yet, but I'd like it to.  For that we'd need to get a NES developer on board to help convert the compiler (simple enough) and engine (slightly trickier).  I'd be happy to co-operate, share code (the source is freely available in the download) and write any Windows editor code required for things like sprites and graphics.  If you know any NES forums where developers hang out you could try and post there to show there's enthusiasm for the tool and see if anyone's interested.  If you do, let me know where you've posted and I'll come along and offer my assistance

Well I didn't post anywhere, but you can! I found a subreddit, r/NESDEV, and there you can probably ask others. I would really like to help, but I am in no way capable of doing something like this.

hallo! I just tried to download multiplattaform game designer but windows security keeps on deleting it identifying it as virus infected. Is it normal?

Thank you

A new wanna be 8bit game developer


It shouldn't do that.  Which file are you trying to download, the 32-bit or 64-bit version?

I finally downloaded the files and are clean and perfectly working. I don't know why windows edge is so picky.

I just used chrome for downloading the zip file of the 64 bit version

Thank you for keeping the mighty little speccy alive!



In the description it mentions making games for "8-bit computers." Do I need a certain computer or virtual machine to run this?

The tool runs on a PC but you'll need an emulator or a real machine to test the games you create with it.  Take a quick look at the YouTube videos to see how it works

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would it be possible to create a basic FPS game like doom with this program? I'm asking because I'd like to make an exclusive FPS game for the spectrum


Interesting question, nobody's asked that before!  Realistically, you won't be able to create a FPS like Doom with this.  To be honest you'd have to be exceptional at Z80 assembler to achieve that on a Z80 running at 3.5 MHz.  Then again, one or two enterprising individuals have managed to write 3D games using AGD plus there's an isometric game written with the tool and I wouldn't have thought either of those possible.  Nothing remotely like Doom though.  You have to get a bit creative with sprites and blocks to do anything vaguely 3D-ish

ok, thank you, I will try my best to use the limitations of the engine to my advantage and try to make a very simplistic fps game for the spectrum, I shall tell you how I get on

8bit FPS will be something like NES version of Top Gun, I assume. Or Duck Hunt :\ Not even close to Doom, yup. But still a bit of unusual classics!

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how do u test the game in the program?

Alas you can't, you'll need to use an assembler and an emulator.  Everyone's different so choose your own setup, you can configure it yourself.  For example, WinApe is a CPC emulator that has its own assembler included and is an excellent way to test CPC games written with this tool - export a source file, import into WinApe's assembler, then run it

Update: Kees van Oss' build suites are included in the download so MPAGD should automatically fire up an emulator for you to test your game

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