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Really impressive what you have done to/for the ZX81! Great Theme Park-esque game!

Very cool. ;-)

Very impressive looking conversion Jonathan!

Does this work on real 16k ZX81s but without chroma boards?

Haven't tried it.  It would be difficult to play if it does, the screen display would be a mess.

Wow! You sure it's a zx81 ? ;)

Hi Jonathan. I'm a big fan of the original Fun Park for the ZX Spectrum (I played it for hours on end, both on emulator and on my real Speccy). I didn't hesitate for a second when I saw this ZX81 adaption here. Alas I seem to have a problem with the configuration of EightyOne. I get dollar signs insead of the green background. On the attached image you can see the effect and the configuration I use in EightyOne. Thank you for your help.


The Chroma looks okay but it's still using Sinclair characters.  Go to the Control menu at the top, and select "Enable Quicksilva Character Board", then re-load the game.  That should fix it.

Perfect, that did it. Thanks. The little guys are having fun already.

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The game looks fantastic by the way, absolutely incredible for the ZX81. The only thing I miss from the original game are the "animations" of the rides (the flashing of colors that indicate usage).