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Candy Fruit Attack by Jonathan Cauldwell

Put together in a few hours, this game must be played using a ZX Spectrum emulator. Yes, you heard that correctly! Spectrum emulators are ten-a-penny these days, are found on practically every platform imaginable and there's even a Java one somewhere. You could even load it on the real hardware if you're a proper hardcore 8-bit type.

Anyhow, you want the plot? Oh dear. Erm... well, okay then...  Apparently, those naughty Candy Fruit invaders are intent on taking over the universe and stealing Wham bars from out of the sticky mitts of little children, the fiends!  What's more, they'll trademark it as they do so. They'll even trademark your underpants given half a chance. The nerve of those fellows! Boo to them all with brass knobs on, if you'll excuse my language.

Fortunately, your foes arrange themselves in neat rows so all you have to do is shoot them with the most sophisticated weapon on Earth, a pop gun you acquired by collecting lots of sticky bubblegum wrappers and sending off a postal order for 99p.  I suspect your teeth will probably be rotten after chewing your way through that lot, but I digress. Some of those enemy ships will dive and attack you Galaxian-style before returning to the formation, but you'll soon figure that out.

So it's "chocs" away and up and at 'em! Best of luck and all that!

For more Sinclair ZX Spectrum games by the same author, just Google me...

Install instructions

Just load the tape file, and select the tape loader option from the menu (128K machines) or type LOAD "" and press enter on a 48K machine.  The LOAD keyword is on the J key, just in case you've forgotten.

Keys are Q, P and SPACE.  Press ENTER to start the game.

Have fun!


Candy.tap 11 kB